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Amelia represents a landmark of great historical importance: the town has been a Roman Municipality of key strategic importance. The old town centre, still enclosed in its imposing walls, can be accessed by four gateways: Porta Romana, Porta della Valle, Porta Leone IV e Porta Posterola.

Places of historical and cultural interest include the Museo Archeologico (Archeological Museum), hosting a famous statue of the Roman general officer Germanico, the Torre Civica (Civic Tower), a theatre built in the eighteen century and the astonishing buildings of Palazzo Necci, Farattini and Petrignani. Not to be missed are, in particular, the churches of San Francesco, Sant’Agostino and the church of Madonna delle Cinque Fonti, in which was probably hosted Saint Francis.

Underneath the beautiful town centre, visitors can access the old Roman cisterns, an icon of the Romans’ extraordinary engineering skills. In the countryside surrounding Amelia, the convent of Santissima Annunziata, build in the fifteen century, welcomes visitors in its spectacular natural setting.