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Educational Farm

Calledro Educational Farm
“Doing is the best way to learn" Giacomo Leopardi 
OUR GOAL: The Calledro Educational Farm aims to raise awareness of the magical cycles of nature by bringing children into direct contact with animals and crops.
HOW: The farm offers educational workshops with hands-on activities. The Calledro Educational Farm offers a full range of active learning and fun opportunities, allowing children to participate in agricultural activities.
 · To support the expanded knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and environmental value of the surrounding area. 
 · Educate consumers on healthy food and food production practices, including responsible water management, to increase awareness and promote a balanced relationship between humans and their environment.
 · Promote the development of an emotional and sensory relationship between humans and horses.
USEFUL INFORMATION – The Calledro Educational Farm is easily accessible from the A1 highway, from the nearby Orte exit, as well as the Terni-Orte motorway. The Farm is open throughout the year. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance for a minimum of five people. Any cancellations must be communicated by e-mail at least 10 days before the planned arrival date. The proposed courses can be tailored to the interests and ages of the guests. In case of bad weather, the visit will be rescheduled by mutual agreement. We recommend that participants wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Participants are kindly requested to share any information on food allergies or intolerances. 
TRANSPORTATION- The organization and eventual cost of transportation shall be borne by the individual participants or the organization arranging the visit.
TYPICAL VISIT - After a short welcome and presentation of the farm and the nearby nature reserve, guests begin their journey to discover the workings of the farm and the beautiful places around it, by joining in one of the following activities:
The magic horse 
As the farm includes a working stables, children have the opportunity come into close contact with the equine world. How horses were used in the past to work the fields for planting and harvesting is presented, as well as how they are used today. Various breeds are presented, along with their habits and feeding needs. Children can also clean, feed and ride the horses on the farm, under the supervision of a fully qualified Italian Equestrian Federation instructor. 
All for one and water for all 
This includes an educational presentation on the essential nature of water to all life on earth. This presentation uses the duck pond and the vegetable gardens to teach children about the multiple uses of water, including the saving and recycling of water. It also emphasizes the need to share water with wildlife and nature. This activity includes, season permitting, picking vegetables and bird watching.
Voyage into our peasant past
Discover the areas agricultural past through an exhibition of photographs and original farm implements and tools from the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition is intended to also develop a better appreciation for the previous hard ways of rural life, and how agriculture and rural areas have evolved since the early twentieth century. An educational video is presented, along with the opportunity to directly try using some of the antique farm equipment.
The tale of chickpeas
This presents a guide to the processes encompassed in producing, harvesting, drying and processing into flour, leguminous plants. There is a brief overview of their nutritional properties and the importance of crop rotation to ensure the ongoing productivity of agricultural land. Children will enjoy the hands-on experience of the entire production process, including tasting them in some easy and delicious recipes.
The Calledro Farm family is waiting to share this special world with you. Don’t miss it!