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To visit

  • Narni


    In 299 BC, the ancient Umbrian town of Nequinum became a Roman Municipality and took the name Narnia. Narni used to be an important strategic point as the town was well connected to Rome by the Via Flaminia. Narni still preserves a striking, authentic medieval appearance: one of Narni’s landmarks is the Rocca di Albornoz (Albornoz Fortress) that dominates the town fro ...
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  • Marmore Falls

    Marmore Falls

    The Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Falls) is one of the greatest icon of the Italian naturalist heritage. In 271 BC, the Romans tried to divert the water of the Velino river into the Nera river, they succeeded and created the Marmore Falls. The breathtaking view of this impressive water column (covering a different in high of 165 metres) welcomes the visitors right at the b ...
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  • San Liberato Reservoir

    San Liberato Reservoir

    San Liberato reservoir, is situated not far from Narni and has been created by the construction of a dam in the Nera river. The artificial lake contains six milions mc of water and hosts an incredible variety of flora and fauna, including numerous species of migratory and sedentary birds.
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  • Amelia


    Amelia represents a landmark of great historical importance: the town has been a Roman Municipality of key strategic importance. The old town centre, still enclosed in its imposing walls, can be accessed by four gateways: Porta Romana, Porta della Valle, Porta Leone IV e Porta Posterola. Places of historical and cultural interest include the Museo Archeologico (Archeologic ...
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  • Orvieto


    Situated on the flat summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff, Orvieto is a town of dramatic beauty and exceptional historical interest. Orvieto was a major centre of Etruscan civilization in the ninth century BC and was annexed by Rome in the third century BC before being held by Lombards after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Orvieto vastly extended its wealth and power ...
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  • Spoleto


    Spoleto is a place of key importance for anyone interested to get to know better Umbria and its culture, tradition and history. Spoleto is also an incredibly vibrant cultural centre: the town hosts the internationally renowned Festival dei Due Mondi and a wide range of other cultural and artistic events. Spoleto was first an important town to the original Umbri tribes, who ...
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  • Villa Lante - Bagnaia

    Villa Lante - Bagnaia

    Named the most beautiful park in Italy in 2011, Villa Lante is one of the most famous gardens in Italy and one of the icons of the architecture of the Renaissaince. Only four kilometres away from Viterbo, Villa Lante offers a fantastic spectacle of twenty two hectares of luxuriant gardens and an astonishing fountains system. The beautiful vegetation of the park accompanies ...
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  • Viterbo


    Situated just outside the border of Umbria, Viterbo is home to an important Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Tuscia, and the Italian Army's Aviation Command headquarters. The old town centre is enclosed in its medieval walls, still intact, and is surrounded by more recent buildings, which constitute the modern centre of Viterbo. Home of the Etruscan and then Rom ...
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  • Le Terme dei Papi

    Le Terme dei Papi

    The "Terme dei Papi" in Viterbo, known and utilized since the Etruscan times for their extraordinary therapeutic properties, were particularly valorized by the Romans. The remains of the roman thermal baths, expand for 11 km (7 miles) along the Cassia road, in the suburbs of Viterbo, reaching a peculiar importance near the three main thermal areas: Aquae Passeris ...
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